BoundWorx® Resin Bound System

What is a BoundWorx® surface?

Perfect for both domestic and commercial projects, our BoundWorx® Resin Bound system has been formulated to the highest standard. It is created by mixing a high quality, clear, UV Stable polyurethane resin with a blend of natural aggregate which is then troweled down onto a suitable surface.

We recommend that our Resin Bound system be laid by a team of trained and experienced contractors. Should you require the details of an approved contractor near you or further information about our training opportunities please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why install BoundWorx®?

Strong and Durable

When laid to the correct specifications, the structural strength of the BoundWorx system means that it should last well in excess of 10 years. All of our aggregate blends include suitable fines and clear quartz sand to improve structural strength and maintain grip.

UV Stable

UV Stability is vital. In order to retain the colour of the chosen BoundWorx finish, the system has been formulated to ensure that it is fully UV Stable. Non or partial UV Stable alternatives will discolour within weeks of being installed, creating a yellowing and patchy effect where there are shaded areas.

Low Maintenance

BoundWorx is extremely low maintenance. Rain water will keep it generally clean and a light pressure wash will remove any build up of algae or dirt contamination.

Permeable and Eco Friendly

BoundWorx is a permeable, SuDS compliant system which often eliminates the need to obtain planning permission. Its porous nature means this is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional surfacing solutions.

Attractive and Appealing

Available in a wide range of stunning natural stone finishes, and even in elite marble and glass finishes, the BoundWorx Resin Bound system is anti-slip and highly attractive. The smart, stylish and modern look can dramatically improve the look of any property.


The BoundWorx® system should be laid onto an appropriately structurally sound and secure base. To prevent cracking or sinking there should be no movement in the sub-base.

A solid edging detail must be in place either 15mm above the area to be laid for pedestrianised areas, or 18mm above for trafficked areas such as driveways. Typical edging details are Granite Setts or concrete edging stones. We can supply aluminium metal edging strips if required.


The resin and hardener are mixed together using a 110V drill and paddle mixer. This is then mixed with the chosen aggregate blend and the fines and sand in a specialised Forced Action Mixer. We are agents for Baron and suggest a Baron M110 Forced Action Mixer. The materials are then trowelled down onto the prepared surface.

Where extra grip is required, a light sprinkling of fine glass grit can be added after the materials have been laid and before the resin has cured.

Finishes and colours

Standard range

A small range of our standard aggregate finishes. View more standard finishes.

Elite range

A selection from our elite range. View more elite finishes.