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Leading Suppliers of High Quality Resin Materials

Resin Bonded Ltd is a leading trade supplier of BoundWorx Resin Bound, Resin Bonded and BoundWorx Tree Pit systems. Since we were established in 2003 we have worked hard to ensure we produce products of the highest quality at competitive prices. Want to know more about our material supply or contractor training opportunities? Our team has a wealth of experience and would be pleased to help with your enquiry.

Resin Bound System

BoundWorx® Resin Bound materials have been specially formulated for over a decade to maximise UV stability, permeability and user friendliness. Manufactured by leading resin experts Resin Bonded Ltd, BoundWorx® is a highly durable and attractive external surfacing solution. Come to us for hands-on contractor training, unparalleled technical knowledge, and competitive trade rates.


As the demand for Resin Bound driveways increases over the UK now is an excellent time to enrol in our very own Resin Bound Training Course. At Resin Bonded Ltd we hold courses every two weeks to suit any contractor’s busy schedule followed by superb Onsite Training. We aim to confidently extend your skill set in this system, with over 20 years of knowledge in the product there isn’t a Resin Bound question we haven’t heard before.

Resin Bonded

This system provides a loose gravel effect in appearance without the common trouble of stone migrating along paths and into houses. Available with a 2-5mm or a 1-3mm sized aggregate, this system offers a high friction finish suitable for patio, paths and driveways. The traction provided by the bonded aggregate makes this system also a great choice for disabled ramps and steep driveways.

So why choose Resin Bonded Ltd? We are established market leaders and have perfected our BoundWorx® Resin Bound materials throughout our extensive 25 years’ experience in the resin industry. BoundWorx® has been specially formulated for maximum durability, permeability, UV stability and user friendliness and comes in a wide range of both natural and vibrant coloured finishes. We pride ourselves on our prompt delivery and our professional customer service.

Need to be trained in Resin Bound?

We have Training Courses from £150 + VAT for up to 3 attendees!

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