Resin Bound BoundWorx® in Winter

With the winter season almost upon us and temperatures now plummeting to below zero in certain parts of the UK, have no fear! We are here to assist you with tips and advice on how to avoid some common hazards that can arise during the cold snap. In this blog, our experts will inform you of the product adjustments that we advise to make installation easier and deliver the best possible results! Installing and caring for Resin Bound Boundworx in winter is still possible – read on to find out how!

How does a Resin Bound BoundWorx® driveway stand up in the Winter weather?

The formulations we have specially designed include a combination of aggregates, fines and sand that improve tractiResin Bound Boundworx in winteron in slippery weather conditions. In addition, a fine scattering of glass grit can be used during installation to also alleviate the problem of slipperiness. If installed onto a suitable sub-base, Resin Bound BoundWorx® is an ideal solution for the issue of flooding that heavy rainfall can cause. The permeability allows the water to pass through to the substrate, making it a perfect puddle free system!

Installing Resin Bound BoundWorx® in Winter – Bring on the Catalyst

Worried about those extra chilly days? We appreciate that the temperature does have an effect on the installation of Resin Bound Boundworx in winter. With this in mind, we can supply additional catalyst to ensure that curing times are increased to factor this in. We are always on hand to guide contractors into how much catalyst to include dependent upon the temperature on the day.

What is the best time of day to install Resin Bound during Winter?

The atmospheric moisture can prevent early installation, so allow morning dew to pass and start later in the day. Similarly if installed late in the day as temperatures drop, this will reduce the curing process. If temperature falls below 5° do not install, the colder it is, the longer the curing time. If the forecast is for rain, do not install. The effects of installing Resin Bound during a period of wet weather will have an adverse effect to the finish and are highly likely to cause foaming which will have a detrimental effect to the overall look of the job. Careful consideration of the weather forecast is key when planning your installation day.

Caring for Resin Bound driveways in Winter

As a contractor you may find that customers have questions about caring for their driveway if it has been laid using Resin Bound Boundworx in winter. As explained in our SuDS blog, rainfall is able to permeate through the product, while snow should be removed with a plastic shovel that won’t damage the surface and is less abrasive. It is essential to remember not to pour boiling water on to a Resin Bound surface to melt snow or ice as this will cause lasting damage. Our Maintenance blog offers more information about caring for a Resin Bound driveway.

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